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About us

About us


Kehai blue sky (Tianjin) Petroleum Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2015 is sheep the beginning of the year, registered in Tianjin Binhai New Area conch Bay Kuangshi international building. The main business are petrochemical equipment, pipelines, storage tanks manufacture and installation and cleaning, central air conditioning, boiler cleaning, petroleum chemical instrument, drilling bit, labor insurance supplies, petroleum chemical equipment sales, water treatment, environmental restoration project, steel structure and petroleum chemical storage tank and pipe anticorrosion, heat preservation, renovation, maintenance, demolition and detection of various integrated petrochemical engineering company.

Company responsible for the people after several years of effort has and oil production in China, oilfield Design Institute, University of petroleum, and hazardous waste treatment unit, the oil company in Beijing, Tibet company, Ltd. Henan, Hebei company, shell company, Sinopec, Huaneng Power Plant, Datang International Power Plant, Junliangcheng Power Plant, unit made contact, and to establish a long-term relations of cooperation.

Successively for Tianjin Lingang Industrial Park Si and warehousing Co., Ltd., Tianjin harbor industrial park in Bohai Aojia Yongli chemical plant, Jining, Shandong gold through Chemical Co., Ltd., Inner Mongolia Huadian package hair power plant, Tianjin Lingang Industrial Park for ER off oil Chemical Co., Ltd.,Chinese Oil Sales Co., Ltd. Tibet branch, Shijiazhuang Jingxing Ali depot storage depot, Tianjin Huiyang hidden large underground petroleum storage and transportation company of the crude oil tank cleaning coal project, CNOOC 3000m large underground sump cleaning engineering, Tangshan coal mine cleaning engineering, the armed forces air tank cleaning engineering, Tianjin coal oil fuel transportation center the tanker cleaning project, LAN-STAR Petrochemical Railway Tank cleaning project, Datang International Togtoh power plant tank cleaning anti-corrosion engineering, America Trailer oil cleaning engineering, halo new pipeline Tianjin Junliangcheng Power Plant and oil tank cleaning anti-corrosion engineering Tianjin Wuqing, Jinghai, at the end of the gas station oil tank cleaning engineering, Baoding Guoxiu chemical plant, Tianjin Chemical factory and Inner Mongolia chemical plant condenser cleaning project, China Aviation Group Tianjin fuel depot cleaning, demolition, extension (state key project), Qingdao, Taishan heavy industry, Tangshan chemical group, John, dir USA of Kailuan coal mine operation, cleaning China Oil and Natural Gas Corp Ltd Henan branch Anyang oil depot project, Beijing Yan bin oil tank cleaning the demolition project, Suzhou Wuzhong District Dahua oil tank cleaning, Wuhan city demolition project of Sinopec petroleum transportation center of motor transport tank cleaning oil and gas recovery project, Shenyang modified Northeast Pharmaceutical Group concentrated sulfuric acid tank cleaning engineering, Chinese Oil Sales Co. Ltd. Beijing Xianglong petroleum gas station oil tank cleaning engineering, Chinese petroleum sales company in Beijing oil tank cleaning, Shilou reconstruction project of Tai'an machinery limited company of equipment of liquid ammonia tank cleaning, tank cleaning engineering engineering unit 61906, France Total gas station (Tianjin) Industrial Co. Ltd., Tianjin Binhai base oil tank cleaning engineering chemical storage tank cleaning Engineering Development Co. Ltd., PetroChina Beijing Marketing Company City Xianglong gas station, oil tank cleaning engineering in Beijing stone transport tank cleaning engineering, Changhua gas station (Tianjin) International Logistics Co. Ltd., Liaoning Jinzhou big tank cleaning engineering limited liability company Tang Guoji concentrated sulfuric acid tank cleaning engineering.

Scientific research and industrial development in oil field production of sewage sludge, oil sludge and sand and soil pollution, after two years successfully developed the "waste sludge formation of plywood and deceleration zone, toxic and harmful soil environmental remediation, Wu Liping sweep water purification" high technology, has been put into use.

January 2015 18 and foreign Dr.NaderM.obeid (Nader. Austrian Peter, successful negotiations, and reached a cooperation intention, is expected to 2015 to our equipment and technology abroad and make a contribution to the foreign petroleum engineering.